A New Style

I’ve had a host of Ak weathering products for some time now. Up to this point I haven’t used them much as I wasn’t sure how to add them to the model in a productive way. My few attempts always never really added to the model. For awhile I just kept them around hoping to find a use eventually. This took quite a turn when I rediscovered Zatcaskagoon Miniature Painting. After just a few videos, I was determined to try them. Got to say, I’m a fan.


This was the first real attempt. Still some stuff I need to perfect but this is one of my favorite tanks. I’m honored Forgeworld liked it enough to put on their website. The first infantry test was on this Centurion that I painted when I first got my air brush a year ago.

Since some of you might be wondering what I’ve done here. I Basecoated with a bit more color than I usually do and did most of my usual steps. Afterwards I sprayed a layer of Ak streaking grime through an airbrush. The tank got hit with a layer of Ak rust streaks aswell. Zatcaskagoon has a lot of techniques that I’ll be picking up to improve my work.


Also, in other news I will hopefully be contributing to a few of Zatcaskagoons projects in the future. Finally, hopefully in a month or so I’ll actually be doing commission outside of locally. Thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “A New Style”

  1. I keep coming back as I love your work sir. Are you going to do a how-to for the new scheme thousand son? If not, could you at least advise how you did his ethereal looking armour.


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